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6 Ways Your Cellphone Could Be Hurting You

Your smartphone may be increasing your risk of falls, ‘text neck,’ and more



5 Reasons to Fear Ticks This Summer

Populations are increasing, and so are the diseases they carry

6 Ways to Change the Way You Think About Aging

Embracing the positives about growing older could add years to your life

Stress May Prematurely Age Your Immune System

Study suggests simple steps you can take to reduce the damage

Belly Fat Blast 2 Workout With Denise Austin

A 10-minute cardio workout to burn calories, focus on the core muscles and tone abdominals

5 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk From Outdoor Grilling

Adding veggies, shortening cooking times and marinating food are key

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About a Vegetarian Diet?

Test your knowledge about the health benefits of plant-based eating

Walking Could Help Arthritic Knee Pain

New study suggests a stroll can reduce the risk of persistent discomfort

Don’t Shy Away From Cognitive Screening

Early intervention is key - quick tests check for thinking and memory issues

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Are You Headed Toward Diabetes?

You might have an earlier stage of the disease and not even know it. Here are the risk factors

What to Do After a Diabetes Diagnosis

7 simple changes you can make to improve your life going forward

Desserts for People With Diabetes

From chocolate to chia pudding, which treats to try if you’re watching your blood sugar

Medicare Telehealth Use Soars During COVID-19 Pandemic

1 in 4 beneficiaries 'saw' medical provider remotely

How to Get Started With Telemedicine

We take you through setting up an appointment

Is Telehealth the Answer for Rural Areas?

Dialing in to a doctor can solve some issues

Your 50 Top Health Questions Answered

AARP answers your top medical concerns from our Exclusive Survey on Health and Aging

8 Healthy and Delicious Types of Iced Tea

From green to black, brew them yourself for a great boost of antioxidants

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