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13 Great Things Coming to Amazon Prime Video in August

Our list includes two bingeable mystery series and a batch of classic summer movies

Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Inception and Dominic West and David Oyelowo in the miniseries Les Miserables

Melissa Moseley/Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection; Laurence Cendowicz/PBS/BBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

(Left to right) Leonardo DiCaprio in "Inception," and Dominic West and David Oyelowo in "Les Miserables."

En español | This month’s tsunami of movies and shows coming to Amazon Prime’s streaming platform carries an all-star lineup featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, David Oyelowo, and Tom Cruise, plus Diane Keaton’s best rom-com, George Lopez in an indie upstart and Hugh Grant’s first hit. Use our critics’ cream of the crop cull to help you plan your movie nights (and binges!) without any stress. Happy watching!

Inception (Aug. 1)

At this point, it’s unclear when Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Tenet will hit theaters, and even then, it will be tough for him to top this mind-bending, super-smart 2010 heist film whose hero (Leonardo DiCaprio) is hired by a sinister plutocrat (Ken Watanabe, 60) to steal things from people’s dreams.

Watch it here: Inception

Les Misérables (Aug. 1)

Dominic West, 50, is good as Victor Hugo’s righteous fugitive Jean Valjean, and British-American actor David Oyelowo even better as his hunter Javert. The six-part miniseries is way more faithful to the book than the musical was. Who needs music?

Watch it here: Les Misérables

Spare Parts (Aug. 1)

Critics were mixed, but audiences loved this true story about four low-income Hispanic teens who designed a robot named Stinky and beat MIT in NASA’s big robotics competition. The 2015 favorite costars Esai Morales, 57, George Lopez, 59, and Jamie Lee Curtis, 61.

Watch it here: Spare Parts

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Aug. 1)

Hugh Grant, 59, became an overnight star in 1994 as a witty, commitment-phobic bachelor who resists love until he keeps bumping into Andie MacDowell, 62, at five events. Utterly irresistible (and if you want another clever heartwarming rom-com by Richard Curtis, try The Tall Guy with Emma Thompson, 61, and Jeff Goldblum, 67 also on Amazon).

Watch it here: Four Weddings and a Funeral

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The Teacher, Season 1 (Aug. 1)

In a mystery thriller that broke all ratings records and won Poland’s Oscar equivalent, a teacher hunts the killer of a student, and reveals a web of high-level corruption — while guarding his own secret.

Watch it here: The Teacher

3:10 to Yuma (Aug. 1)

In a rare remake (of a 1957 Elmore Leonard Western) that’s better than the original, rancher Christian Bale tries to get killer Russell Crowe, 56, on the train to prison in this 2007 version.

Watch it here: 3:10 to Yuma

Margin Call (Aug. 1)

Demi Moore, 57, Kevin Spacey, 61, Stanley Tucci, 59, and Jeremy Irons, 71, keep your pulse pounding in an uncommonly intelligent thriller that makes the 2008 stock market crash into gripping drama.

Watch it here: Margin Call

Rain Man (Aug. 1)

In a number one hit that swept the four top Oscars, Dustin Hoffman, 82, plays an autistic savant with an uncanny memory on a road trip with his dishonest car-salesman brother — Tom Cruise, 58, who should’ve gotten an award, too.

Watch it here: Rain Man

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Something’s Gotta Give (Aug. 1)

Nancy Meyers’ wonderful comedy gives Diane Keaton, 74, one of her best grownup roles as a famous divorced playwright romantically entangled with her daughter’s marriage-averse beau (Jack Nicholson, 83) and pursued by Jack’s hunky doctor (Keanu Reeves, 55).

Watch it here: Something’s Gotta Give

Steel Magnolias (Aug. 1)

Want to feel good in a feel-bad time? This affectionately sentimental tribute to the strong women of rural Louisiana (Sally Field, 73, Dolly Parton, 74, Shirley MacLaine, 86, Julia Roberts, 52, Daryl Hannah, 59, and the late, great Olympia Dukakis) is like a warm bath.

Watch it here: Steel Magnolias

The Beverly Hillbillies, Season 1 (Aug. 1)

Revisit the 1962 first season about the rural Clampett clan’s relocation to the land of movie stars and swimmin’ pools (or rather, CEE-ment ponds). The show was so popular that a Levi Strauss exec said Donna Douglas’s Elly May “did more for the sale of blue jeans in one year than cowboys have done in a hundred.” The tropes about Appalachia can be cringe-producing now, but it’s a fascinating TV time capsule nonetheless.

Watch it here: The Beverly Hillbillies

Blood, Season 1 (Aug. 1)

A woman returns to her childhood home in picturesque rural Ireland and investigates her mother’s mysterious death in the 2018 show just as good as Broadchurch or The Killing. (Also available on Brit streaming platform Acorn TV.)

Watch it here: Blood

Top Gun (Aug. 1)

The sequel Top Gun: Maverick won’t arrive until 2021, so pass the time catching up again with the classic, highly kinetic original about rival flyboys Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, 60. The 1986 summer classic costars Kelly McGillis, 63, Meg Ryan, 58, Tim Robbins, 61, and Tom Skerritt, 86.

Watch it here: Top Gun

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