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Happy February Birthday to ...

Sarah Palin, John Travolta, Florence Henderson and other celebs turning 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90

  • Christie Brinkley, 50. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 2

    En español | Christie Brinkley, 60: She was the superest of supermodels for decades — gorgeous even with a milk mustache in those "Got Milk?" ads. Her looks appear to be age-defying, considering photos from her vacation last month (the Daily Mail's headline read "Brinkley, 59, Rocks a Bikini").

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  • Laura Linney, 50. February Milestone Birthdays

    FEB. 5

    Laura Linney, 50: She reportedly made just $10,000 for her Oscar-nominated role in You Can Count on Me (2000), but the part led to an enviable career. Last month she announced that she'd given birth to a son, named Bennett, though few even knew she'd been pregnant.

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  • Hank Aaron, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 5

    Hank Aaron, 80:  Hammerin' Hank, the legendary heavy-hitting right fielder for the Atlanta Braves, received death threats while beating Babe Ruth's career home run record in 1974. Aaron’s home run wall still stands in the parking lot at Turner Field.

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  • Alice Walker, 70. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 9

    Alice Walker, 70: The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple (1982) is also a civil rights activist and lately a vocal critic of the Israeli government. She's been estranged from her daughter, Rebecca, who's accused her of neglectful parenting.

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  • Glenn Beck, 50. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 10

    Glenn Beck, 50: The conservative radio and TV host — a former drug addict who became a clean-living Mormon — calls his shows a "fusion of entertainment and enlightenment." But last month he expressed regrets and wished "I could go back and be more uniting in my language."

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  • Sarah Palin, 50. February Milestone Birthdays

    FEB. 11

    Sarah Palin, 50: Yes, in America someone who says things like "we've got to stand with our North Korean allies" and uses words such as "refudiate" can run for vice president. That's what makes our country great, right? The former Alaska governor is now a Fox News contributor.

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  • Tina Louise, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 11

    Tina Louise, 80: "Ginger or Mary Ann?" Louise was Ginger, the gorgeous movie star stranded on Gilligan's Island after a three-hour tour gone bad. Now she and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) are the only surviving cast members since Russell Johnson ("The Professor") died last month.

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  • Bill Russell, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 12

    Bill Russell, 80: Some have called Russell the greatest basketball center ever, with 11 NBA championships during his 13 years with the Boston Celtics from 1956 through 1969. Boston city leaders proudly unveiled a massive bronze statue of Russell in November.

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  • Jerry Springer, 70. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 13

    Jerry Springer, 70: Who knew The Jerry Springer Show is still on the air after more than 20 years? Well, it is, regularly drawing 2 million viewers. The London-born Springer, once Cincinnati's mayor, focused a recent episode on "I Cheated on My Cousin With a Stripper."

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  • Stockard Channing, 70. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 13

    Stockard Channing, 70: Channing was 33 when she played high school bad girl Rizzo in the 1978 movie Grease. Crazy, right? But she rocked the part, and went on to big Broadway roles and later The West Wing (as first lady Abigail Bartlett) and The Good Wife.

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  • George Segal, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 13

    George Segal, 80: Segal hasn't wanted for roles, though his best were in the '60s and '70s, in films such as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966). He later costarred on NBC's Just Shoot Me! and is now on The Goldbergs, ABC's sitcom about a suburban family in the '80s.

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  • Carl Bernstein, 70. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 14

    Carl Bernstein, 70: Half of the journalistic duo with Bob Woodward that unveiled the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post, Bernstein went on to pen bestsellers, including a bio of Hillary Clinton. He's now writing a memoir called The Washington Star, about his days as a cub reporter.

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  • Florence Henderson, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 14

    Florence Henderson, 80: She played Carol Brady, the iconic Brady Bunch mom with a brood of six, a live-in maid and an architect hubby. In real life Henderson grew up poor in Indiana, the youngest of 10 kids. She's now competing on the Food Network's Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.

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  • Matt Groenig, 60. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 15

    Matt Groening, 60: Groening — rhymes with "raining," not "moaning" — created the immortal cultural phenomenon that is The Simpsons. The cartoonist has said that Bart (an anagram for "brat") was loosely based on his childhood self, but thinks he's more like dorky Comic Book Guy.

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  • Rene Russo, 60. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 17

    Rene Russo, 60: The actress dropped out of high school and later found her footing as a model. She snagged big acting roles in the '90s (The Thomas Crown Affair, Lethal Weapon 3) and this year will star in the indie comedy Frank and Cindy opposite Oliver Platt.

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  • John Travolta, 60. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 18

    John Travolta, 60: The actor/singer/Scientologist is probably still most famous for playing disco king Tony Manero in 1977's Saturday Night Fever. Later this year he'll hit screens as a convict who gets reluctantly entangled with the mob in The Forger.

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  • Patty Hearst, 60. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 20

    Patty Hearst, 60: Few but the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst can claim the titles of heiress, hostage and convict. In 1974 she was kidnapped by a radical group, then imprisoned for 21 months after helping rob a bank.

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  • Bobby Unser, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 20

    Bobby Unser, 80: The racing legend (at right) is a three-time Indianapolis 500 champ. All the Unser guys have been drawn to the sport, including brother Jerry, who died in a crash. Unser's been lucky, though in 1996 he almost froze to death after getting lost for two days while snowmobiling.

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  • Gloria Vanderbilt, 90. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 20

    Gloria Vanderbilt, 90: Some know her best as Anderson Cooper's mom, but many of us once wore her designer jeans. The railroad-fortune heiress also writes novels, including Obsession: An Erotic Tale (2009), praised by one reader as "pure, elegant, unadulterated smut."

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  • Ralph Nader, 80. February Milestone Birthdays.

    FEB. 27

    Ralph Nader, 80: Nader is America's most famous and tireless consumer protection guru, whose reports on auto safety in the '60s spurred seat-belt and other safety laws. Last month he sent an open letter to President Obama, suggesting the creation of peace (not war) academies.

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  • AARP Baby Boomers (Sean McCabe)
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As the last of the Baby Boomer Generation turns 50 and more baby boomers are retiring, AARP celebrates the generation that changed the world.



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