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Happy January Birthday to ...

Michelle Obama, Howard Stern, Oprah and other celebs turning 50, 60, 70 and 80

  • Actor, Nicolas Cage, 2014 January Celebrity Milestone Birthdays
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    50: Nicolas Cage

    En español | JAN. 7: The prolific actor has been in movies good (Moonstruck, Adaptation) and bad (Knowing, The Wicker Man), and will star in at least two thrillers next year. In a recent interview he compared his considerable energy to a dog’s: "[If] you don't let the dog work, it's going to get a little … hyperactive.”

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  • Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    50: Jeff Bezos

    JAN. 12: Now a mega-media mogul, Bezos is founder of, the world’s biggest online purveyor of often ridiculously low-priced merchandise (and indie bookstores’ b ê te noire). Bezos caused a stir last month when he told 60 Minutes that Amazon would one day deliver packages via drone.  

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  • Penelope Ann Miller, Actress, January 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    50: Penelope Ann Miller

    JAN. 13:  The versatile actress has been in big films such as Awakenings (1990), Carlito’s Way (1993) and 2011’s The Artist, but says she can often go unnoticed when out in public. “I’ve done so many different genres, looks and characters,” she told a Herald-Tribune reporter, “I’m just not that recognizable.”  

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  • First Lady, Michelle Obama, January 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    50: Michelle Obama

    JAN. 17:  The hugely popular first lady and Harvard Law School grad joins husband Barack in the 50-plus club and celebrates her big day by proudly displaying her new AARP membership card. The president calls her “the love of my life and my best friend.”  

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  • Bridget Fonda, Actress, January 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    50: Bridget Fonda

    JAN. 27: The daughter of Peter and niece of Jane, Fonda faced down the roommate from hell (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in 1992’s Single White Female. She later starred in movies such as A Simple Plan (1998) and Kiss of the Dragon (2001), but quit acting after marrying composer Danny Elfman in 2003.  

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  • Howard Stern, Radio Jockey, January 2014 Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    60: Howard Stern

    JAN. 12: The prototypical “shock jock,” Stern has left no gross subject untouched or rude joke unsaid on his longtime radio show, now aired via Sirius XM Radio (which is conveniently free from FCC oversight). Also a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Stern is said to rake in $100 million a year. 

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  • Robert Kennedy Junior, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    60: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    JAN. 17: Scion of America’s most famous political family, Kennedy, son of Robert and Ethel, is a lawyer and vocal environmental activist with a political talk-radio show called Ring of Fire. He’s had his own share of tragedy, including the suicide of his wife, Mary, in 2012 during their difficult divorce.

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  • Rick Warren, Pastor, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    60: Rick Warren

    JAN. 28: The evangelical pastor and author of the mega- bestselling The Purpose Driven Life (2002) has said his goal is to bring the Gospel to the world’s “2,900 unreached tribes and people groups” by 2020. He had a heartbreaking year in 2013: In April his 27-year-old son committed suicide.  

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  • Oprah Winfrey, Television Host, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones

    60: Oprah Winfrey

    JAN. 29:  Entertainment mogul, big-league philanthropist and, as NPR once put it, “billionaire everywoman,” Oprah — aren’t we all on a first name basis with her? — costarred as the wife of the lead character in The Butler last year. Fans hope she’ll be on the list of Oscar nominees announced this month.

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  • Nina Totenberg, NPR, Journalist, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    70: Nina Totenberg

    JAN. 14: NPR’s legal affairs reporter manages to make interesting and digestible what easily could be boring and opaque: the goings-on at the Supreme Court. She’s broken big stories, including Anita Hill’s assertions about then-nominee Clarence Thomas, thanks to her countless contacts in Washington.

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  • Shelley Fabares, Actress, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    70: Shelley Fabares

    JAN. 19: She was the super-wholesome Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show, singer of “Johnny Angel” and costar on the ’90s sitcom Coach. In 2000, she underwent a live-saving liver transplant, then battled depression; these days, still lovely, she’s taken to wearing her hair spiky with streaks of bright pink.

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  • Angela Davis, Activist, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    70: Angela Davis

    JAN. 26: Davis is a legendary civil rights activist and scholar, jailed in 1970 on controversial charges that spurred an energetic “Free Angela Davis” movement, then acquitted in 1972. She’s now a professor of feminist studies at the University of California and a vocal critic of the “prison industrial complex.”  

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  • Opera Singer, Marilyn Horse, 2014 January Celebrity Birthday Milestones
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    80: Marilyn Horne

    JAN. 16: Igor Stravinsky discovered the mezzo-soprano opera singer in the 1950s, and helped spark Horne’s remarkable career, for which she received the National Medal of Arts in 1992, many Grammys and a bazillion other accolades. Opera News said that talent like Horne’s “happens only once in a century.”

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  • AARP Baby Boomers (Sean McCabe)
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As the last of the Baby Boomer Generation turns 50 and more baby boomers are retiring, AARP celebrates the generation that changed the world.