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Classic Rock and Pop Veterans Find New Life in Las Vegas

From Journey to Boyz II Men, grownup musicians are flocking to Sin City residencies

He once extolled the virtues of “playin’ in a travelin’ band,” but these days John Fogerty is just as happy to stay in one place when he can. Like many other classic rockers, he has scheduled a Las Vegas residency this fall. “My fan base is global, and we see many folks who love to come and visit Las Vegas and see the show,” Fogerty says. “We are able to bring a big show that we can’t always travel with.”

Crooners and comedians have long understood the business model of letting fans come to them rather than the other way around. Las Vegas has a steady influx of tourists, with casinos eager to leverage star power to attract more customers. But perhaps not since Elvis left the building has there been so much interest in classic rock in Sin City. In addition to Fogerty, those with residencies this fall include Rod Stewart, Aerosmith, Santana and Journey. You can also find pop acts Boyz II Men, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera on Vegas stages.

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Andy Gensler, executive editor of the concert publications VenuesNow and Pollstar, says the residencies are welcome opportunities for older performers. “Before, they might have been put out to pasture in amphi-theaters,” he explains. “Today they have top-notch productions and performances before raucous and engaged audiences.”