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How Well Do You Know 'It's a Wonderful Life'?

Test your IQ on this beloved holiday classic with our quiz

James Stewart stars in the film It's a Wonderful Life

Courtesy Everett Collection

En español | When director Frank Capra pitched James Stewart on a Christmas-themed film, Stewart replied, “If you want me to be in a picture about a guy that wants to kill himself and an angel comes down named Clarence who can't swim and I save him, when do we start?” Almost 75 years later, It's a Wonderful Life is still the richest film in town, a celebration of how “each man's life touches so many other lives.” There are so many great lines and classic scenes you may have seen more than once. But how well do you know It's a Wonderful Life? Don't be a Mr. Potter! Take our quiz and challenge your family, friends and guardian angels to do the same!