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Mary Steenburgen's Playing Our Song

Her new film looks at romance in a new way

Mary Steenburgen

Marc Royce

"We tell our kids to try for what they want. We cheer them on."

We've loved her since Time After Time, but Mary Steenburgen's most recent film looks at romance and time in a new way. She plays the later-life romantic interest to Kevin Kline's widowed character in Dean, which is out in June. "I love the exploration of a romantic connection at this age because it is different when you're older," says the actress, 64. "You don't play games anymore. They're too costly. We now know life is short."

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Musical Leap

"I'll never fully understand why I wrote my first song 10 years ago. I woke up from an operation with music in my head. I finally stopped worrying about it and just started writing."

Java Jive

"In the past year, after years of tea drinking, I've fallen in love with my morning espresso. Whoever has an easier day ahead [she or husband Ted Danson] makes coffee. Sorry, green tea."

Root for Yourself

"We tell our kids to try for what they want. We cheer them on. But at some point, we stop doing this for ourselves. We shouldn't be so quick to close doors."

A Healthy Vice

"I love dark chocolate, 70 percent and up. I bought two bars of it yesterday, and I'm sure they'll be gone by this afternoon. I use it to make myself exercise: 'If you want that dark chocolate, you have to take that dog for a hike!'"