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Brooke Shields’ 5 Tips for Living Your Best Life

Actress stays positive after serious leg injury from ‘freak accident’

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Sam Sing

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1. Find Quiet

A few people at dinner is all I feel I want to do right now. Being extra social has always been a job for me.

2. Stay Grounded

In January I broke my femur, the biggest bone in the body. Go big or go home! It was a freak accident on a balance board. I also went horseback riding and fell off the horse, and jumped into surfing and got a concussion. Now I’m thinking, Brooke, you need to stay on the ground. Don’t be an idiot.

“I try to teach my kids that courage is an element of life that we need to respect and summon. And sometimes you have to do it blindly.”

—Brooke Shields, 56

3. Mind the Livestock

We shot A Castle for Christmas in Scotland, and the cows there would make us late for work. They’d sit down in the middle of the road and we’d be, like, “Oh, traffic is horrible today.”

4. Love Your Shape

Women need to stop comparing their bodies and understand how unique and amazing we are. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with us — too narrow, too curvy, et cetera — we should focus on what we love about ourselves.

5. Ladies, Pivot Now

My new website, Beginning Is Now, is a raw, funny look at how women embrace pivots at every age. I want to celebrate their new chapters, whether becoming an empty nester or the vice president.

—As told to Natasha Stoynoff

Actress Brooke Shields launched in September and stars in the film A Castle for Christmas (Netflix, November).