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Top 9 Shows to Watch on Netflix — With the Whole Fam

What to watch on Netflix with the whole fam

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    1. The Great British Baking Show

    (10 episodes, 1 hour)
    This video Valium is relaxing with juuuuust enough tension (will the dough rise?) and confusion (what exactly is a family-size custard tart?) to engage and amuse. When things go awry it’s still OK because they’re discussing the saucy puds (seriously, what is that??) in those adorable accents.

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    2. Jane the Virgin

    (22 episodes, 45 minutes)
    The titular Jane is charming and indeed virginal. She lives with her hot-as-nails mom and super-religious grandma, and the complex interplay among these three forms the core of the show. Luckily, frequent storyline recaps ensure you’re properly prepped for the telenovela-style plot twists.

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    3. Cosmos

    (13 episodes, 45 minutes)
    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s soothing demeanor and intriguing thought experiments will have you feeling brainy and virtuous for getting some learnin’ in with your watchin’. Boomers will enjoy comparing this update to the original — “billions and billions” — and hipsters will vibe on Carl Sagan’s turtleneck-cord blazer combo.

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    4. Master of None

    (10 episodes, 30 minutes)
    Episode 2, “Parents,” and Episode 8, “Old People,” of this series are funny and interesting — without tons of sex/drug/f-bomb references — in talking about how young adults think about, don’t think about, and treat their parents and grandparents. Hello family conversation-starter!

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    5. The Roosevelts

    (7 episodes, 2 hours)
    It’s a given that boomers love Ken Burns, basically a Pavlovian response. Everybody will jive with this multigenerational doc about Teddy, Frankie and Ellie. The rich people, family dynamics and open marriage are fascinating. Bonus for naming the celebrity voice talent without IMDbing.

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    6. Death in Paradise

    (32 episodes, 1 hour)
    You’ve got your fish out of water: detective from Scotland Yard on Caribbean isle. You’ve got your beautiful scenery and your whodunit with an appropriate amount of red herrings. It’ll have you and Dad reflecting, “I knew that seemingly minor character was not quite right.”

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    7. Planet Earth

    (11 episodes, 1 hour)
    Prepare for some impressive visuals and interesting animal factoids interspersed with gripping action sequences. Great white shark vs. seal is no joke (spoiler: Seal loses). The glory of nature combined with David Attenborough’s voice can result in oddly rejuvenating naps for all.

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    8. Microcosmos

    (1 hour 20 minutes)
    Bugs are everywhere — this ’90s French film gets up close and personal with ants, bees, dung beetles, dragonflies, etc. Be forewarned, the slug love scene gets quite moist and potentially squirmy if you’re watching with the fam, but the classical score rights the decorum ship.

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    9. PBS Nature

    (14 episodes, 52 minutes)
    This fascinating series to enjoy with kids, “Animal Odd Couples,” about interspecies friendship, is insanely heartwarming (who wouldn’t be teary from the blind horse-goat BFF scene?). Some episodes may be too graphic for small children, so prescreen online.

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