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See How New Vehicle Tech Features Work

Smarter cars make driving safer and easier

Automatic braking system concept

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New technology has changed the way cars function. The features now available in most vehicles are meant to assist drivers and keep them, and their passengers, safer on the road.

But all the new bells and whistles that beep, light up or vibrate when the car is in use may be confusing or intimidating until you get to know how they work.  Here’s a video look at some of the most common.

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Drowsy Driver Alerts

  • Know when it’s time to rest

Lane Departure Warning

  • Keeps drivers from drifting across lanes

Adaptive Cruise Control

Keeps a set distance, even when speed changes

white line

This and the following four videos Courtesy of National Safety Council

Blind-Spot Detection

Sensors see what the driver cannot

Automatic Emergency Braking

Stops the car when the driver doesn’t respond

Forward Collision Warning

Alerts drivers to hazards ahead

Backup Camera

Eyes in the back of your head

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