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older man gets into the car that has arrived for him

Uber Program Allows Calls for Rides Without Smartphone App

Company plans nationwide expansion of new pilot program now in Arizona and Florida

dark green 2020 Subaru Forester

Consumer Reports Best Cars

Two high-tech safety systems are standard in all of the nonprofit magazine's top picks

2016 red Honda Fit

Vehicles That Hold Their Value

Depreciation is the biggest cost of car ownership, but also keep in mind other factors as you decide

boomers shopping for a new in with salesman in a dealership

Tips on Leasing a Car

How you can save money, get the latest tech and enjoy other perks over ownership

Couple relaxing near campfire with an RV in the background

Thinking About Getting an RV?

An expert on recreational vehicles explains what you need to know before you hit the open road

2019 blue Ford Edge ST

High Performance SUVs

Many models have turbo power that older buyers really like

woman taking groceries out of a Nuro Kroger vehicle

Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles

The problem: All of that high tech still has problems predicting peoples’ behaviors outside the car

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