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Signage directs travelers towards rental car company locations inside the Louisville International Airport

Should You Rent a Car or Drive Your Own?

How to see what makes financial sense before your next road trip

People watch the movie Trolls from their cars, separated from other cars by a 10-foot orange fencing in an effort to respect social distancing amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, at the Ocala drive-in theatre in Ocala, Florida on April 25, 2020

Drive-In Theaters Are Back

You can see summer movies and follow the social distancing rules

healthcare workers outside of a hospital wave to a passing parade of class cars organized in their honor during the coronavirus pandemic

Cruising the Drag

In small towns, social distancing revives a simpler form of entertainment

boomers shopping for a new in with salesman in a dealership

Tips on Leasing a Car

How you can save money, get the latest tech and enjoy other perks over ownership

2019 blue Ford Edge ST

High Performance SUVs

Many models have turbo power that older buyers really like

2016 red Honda Fit

Vehicles That Hold Their Value

Depreciation is the biggest cost of car ownership, but also keep in mind other factors as you decide

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