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Alamo car rental, standard/fullsize sign at Logan International Airport. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)

Car Rentals: Know Your Rights

Don't get dinged for damage you didn’t cause or insurance you don't need

park assist displayed on dashboard

Safety Features Deciphered

AAA study urges standard language to help consumers understand what they are buying

couple driving red convertible

5 Things to Make Your Car Last

Expert advice on keeping your vehicle looking and running well through the years

Grandmother putting boy in the car seat

Vehicle Safety Ratings

Get help to make smart decisions about safety when buying a vehicle

Your Membership

Auto Insurance

auto insurance policy

Car Insurance Rates Decoded

Your rate can be determined by where and how you live and who you are

Understanding auto-insurance terms can help you find the best coverage

Auto Insurance Terms 101

This handy list of frequently used lingo will get you up to speed

mechanic, working, on, car, cars, maintenance

Find Great Rates and Coverage

Enjoy great rates that recognize your experience and the extra benefits you deserve as an AARP member

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