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It's time for Congress to stop Rx greed and cut prescription drug prices now! Here's how you can get involved.

Age Discrimination

Older man standing in front of 3 younger workers

House Panel Approves Bill to Bolster Age Discrimination Law

Bipartisan measure would restore vital provisions for older workers

Ten years ago, a Supreme Court ruling made it harder for workers to prove age discrimination than any other type of workplace discrimination such as race, gender, and religion. Congress has a chance to change that. Discrimination is discrimination.

Tell your member of Congress to be a champion for older workers and pass S.485/H.R. 1230.  

Workplace Discrimination

older woman leaving office with a box of belongings

IBM Faces Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Company believes layoffs were 'valid and lawful'

Age discrimination

See How Age Discrimination Works

Experiment shows the barriers older workers face

man and woman sitting at conference table

Age Discrimination Common in Workplace, Survey Says

Older adults seek fulfillment, respect in the workplace

Facebook log in screen

Facebook Reaches a Settlement in Lawsuits

Company agrees to stop letting employers target ads to younger candidates

Supreme Court

AARP Asks Supreme Court to Hear Age Discrimination Case

Lawsuit centers on how well federal law protects older job seekers

A robot hand looking over images of job applicants

Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Age Bias?

Companies are starting to use technology to address discrimination in hiring

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