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A cutout of a family standing under a light blue umbrella that says unemployment insurance

What to Do When Your Unemployment Benefits Start to Run Out

Other options exist for long-term unemployed, but you need to be proactive


Working From Home

smiling teleworker sits at dining table with laptop, papers and mobile device

What Older Adults Really Like About Working from Home

No commute and more time with family are top perks

A compass that says work life balance

Many Say Work-Life Balance Has Improved in Telework Era

But many boomers say they feel 'disconnected'

Man working from home with a kid

Majority Says Work-at-Home Environment Has Been a Boon

Work-life balance, lack of commute cited as benefits


A woman is working from home in her home office

Across Generations, Working From Home a Struggle

Boomers are adapting to the situation successfully

A man working from his kitchen table

Working From Home May Not Be Cheaper for Older Adults

Grocery and utility bills often increase

Your Membership

Age Discrimination

older person bent over carrying a box from cleaning out their desk leaving a job and pursued by speech bubbles that contain age related insults such as fossil and geezer

Learn the Language of Age Discrimination

Older workers can be bullied in the workplace

illustration of three younger workers entering for an interview through a classified ad browser with an older worker left behind

7 Signs You've Been a Victim of Age Discrimination

What to look for if you think you've suffered age bias

A wooden gavel with the scales of justice statue

Fighting Age Discrimination in the Courts

Justice was elusive and incomplete for some

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