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15 Part-Time Jobs for Retirees (No Degree Required!)

Positions offer flexible schedules or work-from-home potential — or both — to older workers seeking extra income

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When they need extra income, many retirees often look for a part-time job. But even for those positions, college-degree requirements sometimes can be an obstacle that prevents older workers from getting hired.

According to one recent ZipRecruiter survey, nearly half of all hiring managers (53 percent) insisted that job candidates have a degree or other credential to be hired. That’s a hurdle that fewer older adults can clear because only 19.7 percent of people age 55 and older have a bachelor’s degree, according to the United States Census Bureau.

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But with unemployment remaining persistently low, some employers are starting to do away with degree requirements and instead are focusing more on actual skills when they hire. The ZipRecruiter survey found that small- and medium-size businesses are leading that trend, suggesting those may be good places for retirees to start their search for part-time work.

The following jobs, listed alphabetically, are positions that tend to offer part-time work without requiring a degree. Average wage data is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), except where noted. Clicking on the “Find jobs” link will take you to current postings on the AARP Job Board.

Administrative assistant

Average wage: $21.29 per hour

Find administrative assistant jobs

While there are many full-time opportunities in this field, some businesses — especially those that have switched to hybrid work schedules — are seeking administrative assistants who want to work part-time a couple of days per week.

If you’d rather not go into the office, there also are part-time opportunities for virtual assistants. The job duties are largely the same, but you get to work from home. There also are gig work opportunities for virtual assistants, which means you can work only when you want.

Customer service representative

Average wage: $18.16 per hour

Find customer service representative jobs

This job is one of the fields where artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is being used more frequently. But if you’ve ever said “Agent” as soon as the digital voice on a toll-free number started listing your options, you know that there is still plenty of demand for real humans in the customer service representative role. In fact, nearly 3 million people work as customer service representatives, according to BLS data.

In addition to very flexible hours — help lines may be staffed 24 hours a day — some of these positions offer work-from-home opportunities.

Data entry clerk

Average wage $16.74 per hour

Find data entry jobs

Many businesses have cut back on their need for data entry clerks by having their customers and clients fill out surveys and other forms directly online. But paper forms are still plentiful, which means there continues to be demand for data entry clerks. If you have good typing skills and an eye for accuracy, this part-time job could be a good fit for you.

Home health aide

Average wage: $14.51 per hour

Find home health aide jobs

This job can be physically and emotionally demanding, so consider whether you’re fully prepared to handle the role. If you have experience as a family caregiver, you likely already have many of the skills this work requires. Demand for home health aides will be high for years to come, so this is a job with a future.

Insurance claims investigator

Average wage: $34.63 per hour

Find insurance claims jobs

According to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research, this job is “age-friendly,” which means that it’s not too physically demanding and offers flexible schedules. There also are plenty of job opportunities in the field. One industry report found that nearly half of all insurance companies are planning to increase their hiring in 2024.

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Average wage: approximately $22 per hour, per Indeed

Find nanny jobs

Just as some workers have adapted to working remote, some nannies have adjusted to caring for kids while one or both parents might be home. From keeping children quiet while Mom is on a Zoom call to ordering DoorDash with Dad for lunch, some nannies have seen big changes in their daily work experience. Another switch is that there are opportunities for part-time work, as some families decide that they need a nanny only on the days they’re working in the office.

Pet groomer

Average wage: $14.32 per hour

Find pet care jobs

According to the American Veterinary Association, there are more than 80 million dogs and 60 million cats in the United States. Many of these pets will need grooming or boarding, which means there are plenty of part-time jobs available for animal lovers. Other options include pet sitting and dog walking, both of which offer opportunities for gig work flexibility.

Real estate agent

Average wage: $25.02 per hour

Find real estate jobs

It typically takes up to six months to complete the coursework and licensing requirements to become a real estate agent, so this is not a job you can start immediately. But once you have earned your license, you have a career option that offers the flexibility to work only when you want to. If you have knowledge of the neighborhoods in your region and large professional and personal networks, real estate might be a good match for you.  


Average wage: $16.33

Find receptionist jobs

Some businesses split their receptionist role among multiple employees, with each working one or two days per week, for example. It saves the employer some money on benefits that would be paid toward hiring a full-time employee, but it also offers retirees a chance to work in an office environment without committing to a full workweek.

School bus driver

Average wage: $20.39 per hour

Find bus driver jobs

One profession that still hasn’t recovered from the pandemic is school bus drivers. In September 2023, the number of drivers was 15 percent below what it was in September 2019, according to a study from the Economic Policy Institute. Many school bus drivers are 50 and older, so concerns about COVID might be keeping them sidelined. But the job relies on retirees because its unusual schedule (a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the afternoon) isn’t a good fit for most other workers.


Average wage: $21.29 per hour

Find secretary jobs

Like many office jobs, this is another position that may offer some opportunities for remote work. Because many executives are working in hybrid roles, their secretaries typically can do so as well. The job responsibilities have largely remained the same otherwise.

Security guard

Average wage: $15.88 per hour

Find security guard jobs

If you’re an early bird or night owl, this job might be an appealing option for you. Some businesses need round-the-clock security, meaning you might have your choice of hours. You may be expected to patrol the premises, so be sure that you can handle a few hours walking during your shift. Most guards are expected only to observe and report, so the role otherwise may not be too physically demanding.

Shuttle driver

Average wage: $16.83 per hour

Find shuttle driver jobs

Many of these jobs are travel-related, for example, driving tourists from airports to their hotels. That means you’ll meet a good mix of people, so be prepared to answer questions about your city and suggest a few recommendations. You also should have some knowledge of traffic patterns and alternate routes.


Average wage: $21.55 per hour

Find tutor jobs

Many students are still struggling to catch up on learning after they fell behind during the time that schools were teaching remotely. That means there’s plenty of need for experts to tutor children. Math and English tutors are most in-demand, but foreign languages, science and other subjects aren’t too far behind. Some places you might look for tutor positions include Preply, Varsity Tutors and

Web designer

Average wage: $38.81 per hour

Find web designer jobs

This isn’t the easiest field to get into without some previous experience, but the jobs typically do not require a degree. If you’re looking to make a career switch, this is a profession where the job opportunities will grow for years, according the BLS. Some coding boot camps cater to older adults, and there are also free and affordable online courses available through AARP Skills Builder for Work and other sites.

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