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Find Your Cruise on Any Budget

Pick a trip that fits your personality — and checkbook

Ruby Princess cruise ship

Princess Cruises

En español | Vacations should be hassle-free. Yet with all the trip planning, baggage lugging and plane catching, they’re often just the opposite. That’s the beauty of a cruise. No matter the type — and there are hundreds to select from — cruises provide a one-stop-shop travel experience: entertainment, sightseeing, food and drink. And you have to unpack only once, no matter how many new places you see. Whatever your cruise personality, there's a water voyage that will suit both you and your wallet. We offer three examples at different price levels for each kind of cruiser.

Cruises that include stops for cultural or historic treasures or gorgeous scenery

Sunshine and cocktails? Yes, please. Journeys that are all about relaxation

Less sunbathing, more action: Trips for people who want to be on the move

6 things that can drive up the cost of a cruise — and some ways you can save

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