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This Is 50!

The younger you are, the more you need AARP

With half a lifetime — or more— ahead of you, now is the time to ensure your money, your health and your happiness are at their peak. As you navigate your 50s, tap into our expert advice, tips and online events for help and inspiration to live your best life.


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Your Health

10 Over-the-Counter Medications Riskier With Age

Age-related changes can affect the way your body handles various drugs and supplements

Does ‘Cozy Cardio’ Really Work for Older Exercisers?

Lower-intensity workout routines have taken off on social media

Menopause Symptoms and How to Treat Them

There’s a growing list of treatments that can bring relief

Virtual Community Center

FREE interactive online events and classes designed for learning, self improvement, and fun. See what's coming up.

Celebrating Brotherhood

The Arrow, a site for Gen-X males

Your Money

7 Steps to Start Saving for Retirement After 50

It’s never too late to start laying the financial groundwork for your future

How To Save on Your Streaming Services This Year

New ad-supported plans on Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and more can help you save big

8 Surprising Ways To Earn Extra Cash on the Side

You can boost your cash flow doing everything from watching videos to standing in line

Your Membership


Today's Hot Deals

Your Trips

5 Cheap Spring Break Vacation Ideas

These fun destinations offer affordable options and fewer crowds compared with more popular locations

5 Great Getaways in the Caribbean

Expanded direct flights, new resorts and exciting amenities make these five islands even more alluring

4 Second Honeymoon Destinations Abroad

These romantic locales cater to couples celebrating love

Your Life

Fashion Tips to Stay Stylish While Losing Weigh After 50

Ways to dress and look stylish while shedding extra pounds

Learn All About the Sport of Pickleball

From keeping score, tips for play and ways to win, this guide has everything you need to know

Mother-of-the-Bride Fashion: What Should You Wear?

Flattering dresses that will wow at every style of wedding

Tools and Resources

Workouts For Your Brain

Check out our special 'Staying Sharp' for tips

How to Live Your Best Life

Use our resources and AARP Rewards pays you back

Celebrating Sisterhood

The Girlfriend, a weekly newsletter for Gen-X women

Your Tech

5 Ways Tech Tools Can Help You Get Hired After 50

ChatGPT and other AI programs can help with your resume, cover letter and job search

10 Questions Answered About ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence powers bot that can find answers, or make things up, in a second

50 Smartphone Features That Can Make Your Life Easier

Androids, iPhones race to be first with the latest innovations