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When is the earliest age I can receive Social Security benefits?

That depends on the type of benefit you are applying for.

Retired workers and their spouses can receive benefits as early as age 62. 

Widows and widowers can receive survivor benefits as early as age 60, though if they're also disabled they can begin receiving benefits at age 50.

Disabled workers can receive benefits at any age.

Dependent children also can begin receiving benefits at any age if they qualify.

Parents who were financially dependent on a son or daughter who dies can collect survivor benefits from age 62.

Keep in mind

  • Retirement, spousal and survivor benefits are reduced if taken at the earliest age, or at any time before full retirement age. That's currently 66 and 2 months for retirees and spouses, 66 for survivors. 
  • The minimum claiming ages for spouses, widows and widowers also apply to divorced former spouses of retired or deceased workers.

Updated June 10, 2021

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