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Social Security Resource Center


Can Social Security Whip Inflation?

Cost-of-living increase lagging now, but may fare better in the future



AARP Advocacy Gets Results for Social Security Recipients

CEO on ensuring tax filing not needed for stimulus



Who qualifies for a particular benefit - and when to apply


Learn how your benefit is calculated - and the best age to collect


Married to your former spouse for at least 10 years? You may be entitled to benefits


The options when you're unable to work or have a severe medical condition


Social Security can be a safeguard to young families when a loved one dies


How to apply for Social Security and tips on steering through the maze of rules and paperwork


Make your benefits work for your better half and your family


Understanding how earnings, pensions and taxes affect your benefits

Ask the AARP Experts

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What's Next for Social Security?

How to preserve benefits and stability

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