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​Health Care a Key Voting Issue for Older Kentuckians

2019 AARP Kentucky Election Survey


Health care and prescription drug affordability are two issues Kentucky voters ages 50-plus want gubernatorial candidates to discuss before the election, according to this AARP survey. 

More than eight in ten voters age 50-plus think that drug companies have influence over their governor and state legislation (83%) and that elected officials are doing too little to address the high cost of prescription drugs (84%).

AARP surveyed 800 voters in Kentucky ages 50 and older between August 15 and August 25, 2019. This survey assessed what is on voters’ minds before the state and federal elections this fall, with a closer look at health and financial security issues.

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Suggested citation:

Bridges, Kate. 2019 AARP Kentucky Election Survey. Washington, DC: AARP Research, October 2019.