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Menopausal Symptoms: There's a Place for Tech-Related Solutions

A Survey on Menopause Among Women Ages 35 and Older

AARP recently completed a study of men and women to gauge interest in technology-related solutions to menopausal symptoms.

Four-in-five (80%) women overall cite interest in noninvasive, technology-related solutions (e.g., a device that you wear, clothing, apps) to relieve or minimize menopausal symptoms. Among menopausal women, that proportion climbs even further (93%).

One third (34%) of women say their menopausal symptoms interfere a great deal with their sleep, and one in five or more say their symptoms interfere with their mood (21%) and romantic relationships (19%). Similarly, about one-third of men say their partner’s menopausal symptoms interfere with their own sexual activities (35%) and mood (31%), and more than one-quarter say the symptoms interfere with their sleep (28%) and romantic relationships (27%) in general. Together, menopausal symptoms may negatively affect more than a 80 million Americans in any given year.

To relieve menopausal symptom, women use various treatments or activities, and they are seeking other solutions.

The top three treatments or activities that women said they use to address menopausal symptoms included taking vitamin supplements (47%), exercise (30%), and prescription medications (30%). Looking ahead, the top choices women are considered are outside the realm of prescription medication, and they include exercise (26%), taking vitamin supplements (25%), and changing their diet (21%).

Menopausal symptoms have also negatively affected work productivity for nearly one in ten women and men.

One-third of the working or retired women in the study said symptoms interfere (or have interfered) with their work either a moderate amount (25%) or a great deal (8%). Similarly, men who are or have been in relationships with women going through the menopause report similar levels of impact (28% moderate amount and 12% a great deal).

This online survey of 599 men and women ages 35 and older was fielded December 6–12, 2019. The sample was drawn from AARP’s proprietary online panel (ages 35+).

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Suggested citation:

Lampkin, Cheryl. Menopausal Symptoms: There's a Place for Tech-Related Solutions. Washington, DC: AARP Research, January 2020.

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