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Using SSA to Administer Paid Leave Benefit Concerns Voters 50+

Majority of 50+ voters say using SSA would negatively impact the administration of Social Security benefits.

Voters age 50-plus are concerned that using the Social Security Administration (SSA) to administer a paid leave benefit could have a negative impact on Social Security Retirement benefits.

​​Lawmakers are considering a paid leave benefit that is funded by taxpayers.  Such paid leave benefits would be administered through an existing federal agency.  Currently, the Social Security Administration is being considered to manage the paid leave benefit.

AARP sought to understand the views of voters 50-plus on the topic.  While there is broad support for such a program, older voters are concerned that administering this benefit through the SSA would negatively impact the administration of Social Security benefits to retirees.

They are concerned that it could lead to longer wait times, delay of benefits, poorer customer service, and benefits cuts.  Overall, more than half (54%) believe that administrating paid leave through the SSA would hinder the allocation of Social Security benefits to retirees.

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Suggested citation:

Perron, Rebecca. AARP Paid Leave Administration Survey — Annotated Data. Washington, DC: AARP Research, August 2021.

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