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2017 Consumer Fraud State Fact Sheets

Consumer Fraud


Recent research has identified that 15.4 million US residents have been a victim of identity theft fraud, 16 percent more than 2015. Despite increased awareness, fraud losses increased by nearly one billion dollars according to the latest survey report from Javelin Strategy & Research.

August is AARP's Fraud Fighting Month. To aid the ongoing efforts of the AARP Fraud Watch Network's goal of providing Americans with resources and tools to help them protect their financial security, AARP Research has created the Consumer Fraud Fact Sheet.

The Consumer Fraud Fact Sheets provide state-level data on fraud, identity theft, and consumer complaints, and they give each state a ranking based on research conducted by the Federal Trade Commission.​

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2017 Consumer Fraud State Fact Sheets (PDF)

Suggested Citation:

Cozad, Aisha Bonner. 2017 Consumer Fraud State Fact Sheets. Washington, DC: AARP Research, August 2017.