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This new analysis from AARP identified the U.S. counties where geographic and racial/ethnic disparities in midlife life expectancy grew from 2000-2019.

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This is the first country-wide, time-series analysis of midlife life expectancy at the county level that includes estimates for Native Americans, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.

At AARP, we have always fought to build a more equitable America and improve people's lives. But we recognize that systemic inequities, including discrimination based on age and race, continue to block economic opportunities for some Americans and leave others in poor health – even shortening their lives. Those hardest hit are older Americans, people of color, women and those living in isolated rural areas.

This report reinforces the fact that where you are born and where you reside at midlife (age 50) matter now more than ever for predicting your chances of living a long, healthy life. It provides county-level data to assist policymakers in designing interventions that address the needs of communities and counties at highest risk.

Recommendations for Achieving Healthy Longevity at the County Level

  • A call to action: Create strategies and action plans for health longevity
    Public, private, and nonprofit sectors must create cross-sector plans of action to enable the possibility for everyone to live longer and healthier lives. Examples of plans include the recommendations of the National Academies Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity.

  • Conduct research at the state and county levels and disaggregate data collection
    Additional research and data collection at the State and local levels are needed to determine the root causes of the observed disparities in midlife life expectancy, and how we can achieve equity.

  • Focused investments: Increase interventions in counties that have experienced disparities in midlife life expectancy
    State, city, and county governments, along with philanthropy and the private sector, must focus on communities within the counties with the worst life expectancy outcomes to improve healthy longevity for all residents. State-level fact sheets with county-level data from this analysis can assist policymakers in identifying the communities and counties at highest risk.

Midlife Life Expectancy State Fact Sheets and Appendices 

All States:  National Report
Alabama:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Alaska:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Arizona:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Arkansas:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
California:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Colorado:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Connecticut:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Delaware:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
District of Columbia:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Florida:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Georgia:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Hawaii:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Idaho:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Illinois:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Indiana:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Iowa:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Kansas:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Kentucky:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Louisiana:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Maine:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Maryland:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Massachusetts:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Michigan:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Minnesota:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Mississippi:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Missouri:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Montana:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Nebraska:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Nevada:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
New Hampshire:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
New Jersey:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
New Mexico:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
New York:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
North Carolina:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
North Dakota:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Ohio:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Oklahoma:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Oregon:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Pennsylvania:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Rhode Island:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
South Carolina:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
South Dakota:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Tennessee:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Texas:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Utah:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Vermont:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Virginia:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Washington:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
West Virginia:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Wisconsin:  Fact Sheet   Appendix
Wyoming:  Fact Sheet   Appendix

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Suggested Citation:

Tan, Erwin J; Houghton, Angela; Ladner, Justin. How Geography, Race and Ethnicity Affect Life Expectancy at 50 - Report 2: National Level Analysis. Washington, DC: AARP Thought Leadership, September 2023.