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Multistate Campaign Takes On Rising Utility Costs

AARP educates members on rising costs

With federal home-energy assistance programs on the chopping block and consumers facing rising costs for gas, food and health care, AARP is mounting a multistate campaign to help members save on utilities.

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From Texas to Illinois and Connecticut to New Mexico, AARP is helping members take action to fight utility bill increases and is distributing information to alert consumers to proposed rate increases. AARP also is educating consumers about programs that can help tide them over during tough economic times.

Among the campaign efforts being undertaken are: challenging rate hikes that burden consumers; working to ensure that utility companies receive only what is fair; and pressing utilities to do a better job of guaranteeing reliable service.

AARP is providing educational materials to help consumers cope with rising utility rates and to raise awareness of smart energy usage. Materials include home energy-saving advice and tips on how to fight increasing utility costs through state public service commissions.

"Millions of Americans are fed up with utility bills that keep growing," says Will Phillips, AARP's manager for the multistate campaign. "That's why AARP is challenging utility rate increases across the country, helping Americans stop unfair increases so they can keep more of the money they've earned."