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A New Age

A look at aging around the world

People over 50 make up a growing proportion of the planet’s population. Thanks to advances in medicine and public health, people are living, working and playing longer than ever before.


AARP commissioned the storied photographers of Magnum Photos to circle the globe capturing scenes of older people living in new ways. They found rich tales of Holocaust survival, lifelong friendship, late-in-life love and second starts. Among those they captured were ski jumpers in Norway, dance hall dancers in China and grandmothers in India who are just learning to read and write.


In this series you will meet people of extraordinary accomplishment (finding cures for cancer), who help others overcome considerable obstacles (rebuilding new lives as refugees in Greece), who take pleasure in reinvention (starting new careers). They are people who value experience and tradition, who see age as a gift, who take care of themselves and each other.


We hope these stories make you appreciate your age and feel optimistic for our future.


Living in Our History

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