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Government Impostor Scams on the Rise

6 frauds to know and tips to stay safe from the scammers


Our team of fraud fighters has the real-world tips and tools to help protect you and your loved ones. 



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Scam Alerts

More Fake COVID Related Robocalls and Texts Reported

Coronavirus scams keep coming as fraudsters follow the headlines

Know the Red Flags of Apartment Rental Scams

Below-market rents, unusual payment methods are among the warning signs

Social Security Impostors Stole $95 Million

9 signs that you are the target of a fraud and how to stay safe

Data Breaches Fuel Financial Fraud

With billions of identifiers up for grabs, good cybersecurity is a must


The Cost of Medicare Fraud

Join us for a free webinar and leave empowered with the knowledge and tools to know how to avoid Medicare fraud.


Fraud Fighting

Know When Your Social Media Friend is a Real Phony

How to spot impostors on Facebook Messenger, Instagram

How to Stop Cybercriminals in Their Tracks

Crooks use a variety of tools and tactics, but smart security practices can thwart them

FCC Cracks Down on Car Warranty Robocalls

Voice service providers ordered to block traffic from group accused of making billions of illegal calls

Tips to Safely Purchase Your Pet Online

Here's how to protect your heart and your money from pet scammers

How to Spot Scam Texts on Your Smartphone

Take steps to protect yourself from fake mobile messages sent by cybercrooks

Victim Support

Let’s Stop Blaming Scam Victims, AARP Report Says

Advocates call for a change in how we talk and think about financial fraud

7 Scams Reported on AARP’s Fraud Watch Network Helpline

From requests for genetic testing to fake arrest warrants, here's how crooks are deceiving consumers

Elder Fraud

5 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

Steps to help protect loved ones from theft

Tech Tools to Help Guard Against Elder Financial Abuse

Websites and firms that can flag suspicious behavior

The Legal Consequences of Elder Fraud Can Be Steep

Scams are on the rise, but here are ways to fight back




Learn how to spot and avoid the common scams listed below

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