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Get on the Road to Financial Freedom

AARP initiative is here to help you find that sense of relief

Does hearing the words “financial freedom” bring a sense of relief to you? Think about financial freedom. It could mean getting out from under a pile of debt, or coming up with a way to move beyond living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe it means figuring out how to save for a goal, like buying a house, or college, or your retirement.

AARP’s Financial Freedom initiative is here to help you find that sense of relief. With a focus on multicultural communities, the program helps people think about how to develop short-term financial solutions to achieve long-term financial security.

We coordinate with churches and other community-based organizations to host financial workshops conducted by professionals from the Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards Inc. These financial planners are objective educators — they will not try to sell you financial products. Workshop materials include educational tip sheets, articles and access to online tools.

By accessing the many resources available at, you can:

  • Learn how to cut costs, reduce debt and improve credit
  • Build a budget and develop a plan to save for goals
  • Learn the basics of sound and simple investing
  • Understand how to identify investment fraud

AARP’s Financial Freedom initiative will help you know more and worry less. If you’re interested in bringing a workshop to your community, please contact your AARP State Office. In the meantime, take advantage of the useful information on this site. Start feeling that sense of financial freedom today.