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The Parks and Public Spaces Collection

Free guides about developing and managing outdoor places for people of all ages

Creating Parks and Public Spaces for People of All Ages


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Public parks are important places for building a sense of community and social belonging. They are spaces that belong to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or income.

However, the way parks are designed, maintained and programmed doesn’t always reflect the purpose and promise of such uniquely public spaces. Pinched for funds by competing priorities, many municipalities neglect their park networks or fail to invest in these vital places as their communities grow and change.

Creating Parks and Public Places for People of All Ages: A Step-by-Step Guide was produced by AARP Livable Communities with 8 80 Cities and Trust for Public Land to highlight the importance of parks — and give community leaders (and park advocates from all corners) tools they can use to both create and improve green spaces and public places for people of all ages.

More About Parks and Outdoor Spaces

The following free publications were created by 8 80 Cities and Trust for Public Land.

Addressing Homelessness in Parks: An Inclusive Practices Guide

Communities worldwide face a shortage of affordable housing. This guide equips local leaders and advocates with the information they need to adopt compassionate, respectful and dignified responses to the use of public parks by unhoused people.

Winter Placemaking Guide

8 80 Cities (which is based in Canada) knows that winter needn't require a retreat indoors. The guide provides solutions for how cold-weather places can make their outdoor public spaces welcoming and useful, regardless of how low the temperature falls.

Parks and an Equitable Recovery

Parks are not just a nicety — they are a necessity. As Americans endured the health and economic challenges brought on by a global COVID-19 pandemic, the outdoors became a lifeline.

Page published 2018, updated June 2022


Create Places That Pop!

The "recipe" filled Pop-Up Placemaking Tool Kit is a practical guide to demonstrating and implementing positive change. Learn more about this free publication »

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