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Engaging the Community Creates Community

Working together, local leaders and residents can build more vibrant cities, towns and neighborhoods for people of all ages. Here’s how

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Using Cities of Service’s citizen engagement model and experience helping mayors work with residents to solve problems, as well as AARP’s age-friendly-communities model and experience working with communities and volunteers, this free booklet offer examples of effective strategies, initiatives and programs employed by mayors in towns and cities throughout the United States.


Cities of Service coalition cities partner with local residents, city agencies and community organizations to identify priority challenges that can be addressed with help from citizens. After deliberating with the community, city leaders and citizens come together to take action. Their combined efforts generate strong results and build trust between citizens and city leaders, which encourages and sustains future engagement.

Through the AARP Livable Communities initiative and a network of 53 state offices, AARP engages, educates and inspires elected officials, local leaders, planners, citizen activists and skilled volunteers. AARP helps identify community needs and the types of programs, policies and projects that can meet those needs and improve the lives of older adults and people of all ages. The goal is for communities to be livable for everyone, regardless of age or life stage.


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