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The 8 Domains of Livability: An Introduction

Cities, town and communities of all sizes can use this framework to become more livable for older adults and people of all ages

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The availability and quality of certain community features impact the well-being of older adults. Developed by the World Health Organization, the 8 Domains of Livabilty framework is used by many of the towns, cities and counties in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities to organize and prioritize their work to become more livable for both older residents and people of all ages. While many communities tackle all eight domains at once, others choose to focus on select domains. The following images (available in a five-page PDF here) provide a handy introduction to the eight domains concept. You can also download an English-Spanish version of the chart. Links to additional resources are listed at the bottom of this page.

The 8 Domains of Livability chart
Domains 1 and 2
Domains 3 and 4
Domains 5 and 6
Domains 7 and 8

Photographs from Getty Images and Alamy

Images and captions excerpted from the "Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities,"

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