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Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living – 2010


As Boomers age, there is a strong desire to age in place in the comfort of their current home; however, many find that their homes are below livable standards for day-to-day accessibility. Two-thirds of older adults stated that if they made modifications to their home, then they would have extended independence and time in their home. The AARP Policy Institute created a fact sheet outlining a list of home modifications to allow older adults to age in place, as well as providing resources to support the financial constraints of home modification.

Key Points

This fact sheet provides a snapshot of both simple and complex modifications for home improvement, as well as the benefits including safety, ease of use, cost-efficiency, and increased independency for an extended period of time. One major downfall of home modifications is the associated cost; however, these modifications can prove to be more cost-effective than the traditional institutional route. “One source indicates that approximately 80 percent of homeowners bear the full costs of making home modifications.” Numerous programs, including federal, state, and community, exist to help eliminate some of this barrier for older adults who wish to age in place. Many of these resources are listed within this article for families and builders.

How to Use

This fact sheet provides a discussion on the benefits and barriers associated with home modification for older adults to age in place. Local governments can utilize this insight to provide the necessary resources to enable independency and community support, as well as builders who want to build for long-term viability in housing.

View full report: Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living – 2010 (PDF – 61 KB)

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