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Eldercare Workforce Alliance Website


The number of Americans reaching the traditional retirement age will double by 2030. In a 2008 report, the Institute of Medicine called for immediate investments in preparing the U.S. health care system to care for older Americans and their families. One outcome of that report was the creation of the Eldercare Workforce Alliance, a group of 29 national organizations that represents consumers, family caregivers, the direct-care workforce, and health care professionals in an effort to strengthen the eldercare workforce. This website serves as the home to all information relating to the Eldercare Workforce Alliance, as well as much of its work.

Key Points

The Eldercare Workforce Alliance’s mission is centered on helping to provide high quality, family-focused care to older adults, in an effort to maximize quality of life for them and their families. They have identified five major issues in accomplishing this goal, and outlined each one, along with proposed solutions, on their website. Those issues are: the aging population, the health care workforce shortage, lack of older-adult-specific training, relatively low compensation for workers, and a need to transform models of care. Once again, more detailed information can be found by clicking on each of those topics on the site. Finally, the Eldercare Workforce Alliance website links to research, featured news articles, and advocacy efforts that relate to quality care for older adults. The information is timely, relevant, and often directly from one of their member organizations.

How to Use

Due to its wide range of content, the Eldercare Workforce Alliance website provides valuable resources for a variety of groups. Policymakers and local officials can use this website to research specific issues facing the eldercare workforce around the country and use research findings to improve and strengthen local eldercare systems. Older adults and their personal caregivers can find information and resources throughout the site, all of which either directly or indirectly work toward improving their quality of life.

Web Resource: Eldercare Workforce Alliance Website

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