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Partners for Livable Communities Website


Partners for Livable Communities (PLC) is a nonprofit organization established in 1977 in Washington, D.C. to foster development of livable communities. They provide consulting services nationwide on a wide range of “livability” issues. Community planners and local governmental leaders will find on their website practical resources for implementing livable community principles in their local areas.

Key Points

For over 30 years PLC has been on the leading edge of livability initiatives. As a result, PLC knows the people and practices worth noticing. Visitors to the website should go to the “best practices” page as a rich resource for getting to know those programs and individuals who are making a difference in age-related planning, programs, and initiatives.

Other website highlights include:

  1. The Program Areas page lists several areas of PLC expertise. Two worth noting are the “Culture Builds Communities” page and the “Livable Communities for All Ages” page (highlighting Aging in Place and the City Leaders Institute). Both are unique to PLC. The “Culture Builds Communities” page helps cities, towns and regions capture and leverage existing “cultural” resources (theater, music, etc.) to engage its senior population. The City Leaders Institute is a proven and effective way to bring together key community leaders in various age-planning discussions.
  2. The PLC annual “livable communities” awards page highlights recipients with best practices. Community planners and local leaders can view recent recipients as a means of discovering best practices or people to notice.

How to Use

For those planners and leaders seeking to learn about ways to make their communities livable for people of all ages, the PLC website is an excellent starting place. PLC can help communities address needs and find solutions through maximizing local resources. In addition, the site itself can help leaders stay informed on the latest people and projects making a difference in the planning and creation of livable communities.

View the Website: Partners for Livable Communities Website

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