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Boston Partnership for Older Adults Website


Most local communities have dozens of older adult service providers. Some organize themselves into a broader coalition to collaborate and cooperate with each other. The Boston Partnership for Older Adults is such a coalition, and connects over 200 organizations and individuals working to ensure that all area older adults have the support and resources needed to age with dignity. This website provides background information about the BPOA, as well as links to its previous publications and press releases.

The effort was initially funded by a grant from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. Unfortunately, the site has not been updated since 2007. Despite the site itself now lying dormant, it contains valuable resources for local planners.

Key Points

The BPOA’s vision is to be a comprehensive and accessible system of community support for Boston’s older adults. The “Publications” tab of the site is divided into the subcategories of reports and newsletters. These provide information and insight into Boston’s aging plans and initiatives. The “Media Room” tab includes links and brief summaries of press releases put out by the organization.

How to Use

While the BPOA site is not currently active, the resources available could be helpful to local community planners. Visit the “Publications” tab to see if they have relevant resources.

Web Resource: Boston Partnership for Older Adults Website

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