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As the website of the AARP Livable Communities initiative, contains informative, easy-to-understand content and resources for community leaders and involved residents.

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Created for community "influencers" — elected officials, planners, municipal staff, placemaking pros, local leaders, policy makers, citizen activists and residents — the AARP Livable Communities website contains a mix of best practices, research, ideas, slideshows, interviews, how-to's, publications and information about age-friendly efforts throughout the nation. 

No matter your background or level of experience, we have free, award-winning materials about livability topics and AARP’s state- and locally-driven livability and age-friendly work. 

Use this guide as a roadmap to help you navigate through the rich content on our website and other resources at your disposal through AARP.


  1. Bookmark
  2. Sign-up for the free, weekly AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter
  3. Look up your community’s livability score at
  4. Follow us on Twitter: @AARPLivable
  5. Like us on Facebook: @AARPLivableCommunities
  6. Explore the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities
  7. Use the AARP Livable Communities Map
  8. Learn about the AARP Community Challenge


  1. Order or download our free publications:
  2. Work through the six-part AARP Roadmap to Livability series
  3. Use the AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit to spot and solve walkability problems
  4. Follow the steps in Creating Parks and Public Spaces for People of All Ages
  5. Follow the steps in Creating Community Gardens for People of All Ages
  6. Discover inspiring examples in the Where We Live series
  7. Spend time in rural America with the AARP Rural Livability Workshop Report
  8. See what makes a home "fit" for people of all ages with the AARP HomeFit Guide
  9. Understand housing needs by reading Making Room: Housing for a Changing America
  10. Find "recipes" for making places pop with The Pop-Up Placemaking Tool Kit
  11. Learn about zoning in Enabling Better Places: A Handbook for Improved Neighborhoods


  1. Accessory Dwelling Units (aka ADUs)
  2. Missing Middle Housing
  3. Interviews with Livability Experts
  4. And other livability subjects found in the A-Z Topics archives


  1. Watch Videos!
  2. Find answers to the question “What is a Livable Community?”
  3. See the results of projects funded by the AARP Community Challenge
  4. Scroll through photos in our Slideshows
  5. Screen the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities training videos
  6. Take some Livable Lessons (the “Local Planning” series is our version of "Livability 101")
  7. Listen to presenters and panelists from our Workshops and Conferences (we suggest starting with Gil PenalosaKeith Benjamin and John Robert Smith)

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