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Make Your Kitchen Comfortable and Safe

Look around your home and answer these questions

Answer the following questions about your home. If you find problems, these solutions can help.

1. Is there good lighting over the sink, stove and countertop work areas?

If the answer is no: Increase task lighting at the sink, stove and in work areas. Use the highest wattage bulb allowed by the fixture.

2. Are cabinets and cupboards easy to open?

If the answer is no: Install C or D-type handles on cabinets and cupboards.

3. Are the stove controls safely reached, so your hand doesn't come close to the flame or electric coils?

If the answer is no: If there are no young children in the house, consider purchasing a stove that has the controls at the front Add touch and color-contrasted controls for people who have low vision.

4. Is a fire extinguisher within easy reach of the stove?

If the answer is no: Mount an ABC-rated fire extinguisher in an easy to reach location near the stove.

5. Do you have a sturdy step stool with handrails?

If the answer is no: Use a step stool that has non-slip steps and grip handrails.

6. Are objects on shelves or in drawers easily accessible?

if the answer is no: Install adjustable shelving to increase access to upper cabinets. Install pull-out shelves and corner lazy Susan turntables under counters and in corner cabinets.

7. Does the sink faucet have an anti-scald device?

If the answer is no: Install a pressure-balanced, temperature regulated faucet and keep it at 120° or less.

8. Are the countertops and sink easy to use when you're seated?

If the answer is no: Create a workspace that has knee clearance by installing pull-out cabinetry or by removing cabinet doors and shelves so you can work while seated.

9. Do you use wax on your floors?

If the answer is yes: Avoid using floor wax and don't walk on a just-cleaned floor until it has completely dried.

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