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Staying Fraud Smart With Audrey Moy

Former investigator Audrey Moy shares with AARP simple tips and guidance to help others protect themselves against fraud, identity theft and scams. (Watch in Mandarin 普通話 or Cantonese 廣東話版)

Healthy Body and Mind With Martin Yan

Martin Yan shares with AARP his recipe for healthy living — how to keep a strong body, a happy spirit and a sharp mind. It all starts with his Chinese heritage. (Watch in Mandarin 普通話)

Asian Parents, LGBT Children on Unconditional Love

This unconditional love story between Asian parents and their LGBT children is about creating loving families and stronger communities. (Watch in JapaneseKorean or Chinese)


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Your Health

Top 15 Superfoods for People Over 50

The healthiest foods that are high in fiber and promote a healthy heart, help lower cholesterol, and more

Chef Cocoy's Healthy Recipes

Filipino chef Cocoy Ventura offers healthy alternatives for your holiday meals this year

Your Wealth

Fraud Prevention Handbook

Handbook on how to protect yourself from common types of fraud. It uncovers the strategies that scammers use and provides resources to help you defend yourself against their tricks.

Click here for the Chinese version.

Asian Americans and Social Security

Low wages and long life spans make retirement benefits particularly important

Listen to Our 'Perfect Scam' Podcast

Find out how con artists operate


Your Life, Family and Community

3 Generations Under One Roof

51 million Americans live in multigenerational homes. Is it right for your family?

Finding a Non-English Speaking Caregiver

Resources that will help you find care for a loved one

Improving Transportation Services for Seniors

4 ways older adults who can't drive can catch a ride


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Explore AARP AAPI research studies

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Explore AARP news releases relevant to the AAPI community

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