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Hobbyists Find New Following on Social Media

From online gaming to food and art, these social influencers over 50 have quite the likes

The Loving Artist

Chan Jae Lee, 76

I’m a Korean grandfather who was living in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I have three grandchildren. Two live in South Korea (where I now live); one is in New York City. I had nothing to do, so I started drawing for them and posting the pictures on Instagram. What was meant only for the family grew bigger than I ever imagined. Some drawings get 10,000, 20,000, even 40,000 likes. In Asia there is a saying: “We can only be heartfelt with what comes from the heart.” In my heart, there’s so much to share — melodies, stories, ideas, wishes, wisdom. I’m just happy I found a way to share it with my grandchildren and with the universe. Follow @drawings_for_my_granchildren on Instagram

Photo of William Rollins wearing headphones

Photo by Mark Katzman

William Rollins, 66

704,000 YouTube views

The retired Navy man now commands the attention of a virtual fleet of gamers who watch and learn as he expertly maneuvers the hottest online games. Follow GrandpaGaming on YouTube

Headshot of Anita Lau

Courtesy Albert Evangelista

Anita Lau, 52

16,000 Instagram followers 

Following her feed of food pics is truly as mouthwatering as a five-star meal. Follow @madhungrywoman on Instagram

Jean Titus, 51

186,000 Instagram followers

After a shirtless pic went viral, the businessman has tried to inspire: “We rise by lifting others. Follow @titusunlimited on Instagram

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