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Lose Weight & Get Fit With AARP’s 2011 Fat to Fit Challenge

Fitness expert Carole Carson shows you how

Get into the spirit of healthy living with AARP’s third annual Fat to Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge, an online program aimed at helping you make positive lifestyle changes to improve your health. 

Fitness expert and author Carole Carson — who lost more than 60 pounds at age 60 and wrote about it in From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself Into a Weapon of Mass Reduction — will lead the Fat to Fit online community through the eight-week program. This year’s challenge runs May 16 through July 9, and participants can sign up at any time. 

“Our philosophy is summarized by F.I.T.: F=Fun, I=Individualized, T=Together,” says Carson.

Three winners will be chosen at the end of the challenge to receive cash prizes of $2,000 (first place), $1,000 (second place) and $500 (third place). (Read the complete entry rules.) Winners will be selected based on how well they have:

  • Served as a role model for the entire community
  • Faced and overcome challenges
  • Demonstrated the principles of the Fat to Fit program


As a member of the Fat to Fit community, you'll receive free diet and fitness tips from Carson, along with inspiration and encouragement from other members of the community. 

During the challenge, members can record their weight and exercise activity using AARP’s online tools. Each time a user updates his or her weight, the Fat to Fit site will show how much weight he or she has lost since joining and how many pounds the Fat to Fit community has lost collectively. Last year’s members lost a combined 3,000 pounds! 

Get started by registering and entering your weight in the module at the upper right of the Fat to Fit homepage