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A rib eye steak cooked medium rare with a bite-size portion cut out and speared on a fork with asparagus and tomato on the side

What's the Real Beef With Red Meat?

Cutting through all the conflicting advice about how much we should eat


Stay Fit

women in exercise class outdoors

How to Stay Healthy With Insights From the Lab

Exposure to lighting, exercising and doing right by your body clock

A woman outside her house using a spray bottle to water her flowers

The NEAT Way to Help Improve Your Health

In a nutshell? Sit less to keep the weight off … and add more years to your life, too

Working out at gym

Strength Training’s Health Benefits Go Beyond Muscles

Working out can boost your brain health and help you control diabetes

Healthy Eating

Soda being poured into a glass with ice

Can Drinking Soda or Sugary Drinks Really Kill You?

The bottom line on all those scary health studies you’ve heard about lately

A flexitarian diet with more fruits and vegetables may improve your overall health

How to Eat Less Meat and More Veggies

Research shows health benefits of a flexitarian diet. Here's how to get started

Table with dishes

Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

What you need to know about this fat-burning approach and why it's not for everyone

Your Membership

Live Well

Two people exercising outdoors

6 Ways to Save Your Knees

Things you can do to keep these critical joints healthy and pain-free

Man on scale

Manage Your Weight After 50

Get expert advice on smart ways to tip the scale in your favor

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