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The Perks of Intermittent Workouts

What if you could get healthier in just 3 minutes a day?


Are Processed Foods Bad for Your Brain?

Salty, sugary, high-fat snacks could impact memory

How Much Do You Know About Protecting Your Eyes?

Take a quiz on how everyday habits can affect vision

Quiz: How to Stay Safe From Lightning

How to keep yourself and others protected

Standing Abs and Core Workout With Denise Austin

Get moving with this 10-minute abs and core workout


10 Foods That Can Help To Relieve Stress

Try these to help calm you and improve your mood

8 Healthy and Delicious Types of Iced Tea

Brew them yourself for a great boost of antioxidants

Mediterranean Diet on a Budget

A healthy diet that won't break the bank


Healthy Habits for Your Mind

13 Free or Low-Cost Ways You Can Cope With Loneliness

Social connections are key to health, happiness

Exercise May Stall Memory Loss

It doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial

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