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Woman walking next to the beach wearing a face mask, a sign encouraging social distancing is in the background.

State-by-State Guide to Face Mask Requirements

Find out where use of face coverings is mandatory statewide and where masks are encouraged




woman outdoors breathing deeply with closed eyes

How to Strengthen Your Lungs to Fight COVID-19

Doctors say that deep breathing exercises can help — but cardio trumps all

closed sign on a restaurant window

Fauci: 5 Things Americans Can Do to Avoid Another Lockdown

The country's top infectious disease expert outlines strategy to ease COVID-19 surges

white line

white line

white line

AARP Explains: What to Know About the Coronavirus

How it spreads and what symptoms to watch out for

woman in mask at window

10 Days or 14? Understanding Quarantine Guidelines

CDC revises isolation rules based on mounting data about contagiousness of coronavirus

Illustration of an eye with dark clouds around it

Is Eye Disease Putting You at Risk for Blindness?

Early diagnoses of glaucoma, macular degeneration and more can save your sight

A grandfather putting a mask on his young grandson

CDC Warns of Potential 'Polio-like' Disease in Children

Parents, grandparents should recognize symptoms

close up of office ceiling

Can Air Conditioning Spread the Coronavirus?

Indoor air quality is a concern as evidence emerges about airborne transmission

Sisters Kristi Wishork, left, consoles her daughter Renaya Farmer, 5, as she and her sisters Kristina Taylor, center and Kaydee Taylor, right recall the family pride and love their late mother, Sharon Taylor, had for their family, Tuesday, July 21, 2020 o

Mississippi Indian Tribe Devastated by the Pandemic

Nationally, Native Americans are hospitalized at 5 times the rate of whites

Closeup of four colorful hand sanitizer pump bottles

FDA Expands Warning on Methanol Hand Sanitizers

Deaths tied to toxic ingredient in imported sanitizers

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Other Health News

vision check device attached to a smartphone

New Tests and Technology Can Help Save Your Sight

Open your eyes to these bright new solutions

doctor talking to male patient in hospital room

Rates of Advanced Prostate Cancer Have Climbed

Study: Increase in late-stage disease for men 50+

man wearing headset participating in videoconference call on laptop.

Videoconferencing Tips for People With Hearing Loss

A few adjustments can make virtual meetings easier

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