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Is Snoring a Sign of Bad Health?

The nighttime noises could point to worrying conditions




Why Your Face Mask May Need an Upgrade

N95 respirators offer better protection against COVID than cloth and surgical coverings, CDC says

Alarming Increase in Opioid Deaths Among Older Adults

Since 1999, more than 80,000 Americans 55 and up have died

What You Need to Know About Flurona

Plus, how to prevent getting the COVID-flu combo this winter

8 Ways to Cope With Hearing Loss at Work

Expert's top tips for meetings, accommodations and more

Omicron Is Adding Fuel to Mental Health Crisis

Anxiety and depression are becoming chronic problems as the pandemic drags on

What Are Omicron's Symptoms?

Early reports highlight how the variant differs from delta

5 Things You Should Know About IBS

Signs, symptoms and treatments for the common condition

​How Long Can an N95 Mask Be Worn Before Replacing It?

Plus other key things to know about wearing a respirator 

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