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woman listening to music on headphones with guitars hung on the wall behind her

The Power of Music on the Brain

An important new report from AARP's brain health experts


Music and the Brain

biotechnology company biogen sign in front of glass office building

Is a New Treatment for Alzheimer's on the Horizon?

Aducanumab, Biogen's promising but controversial drug, inches closer to FDA approval

Research lab with brain scans and microscope

New Platform Aims to Speed Up Alzheimer's Discoveries

Novel treatments could emerge from increased access to data by researchers

Doctor giving a flu shot to a man.

Flu, Pneumonia Vaccines May Lower Alzheimer's Risk

New research finds an association between vaccinations and a reduced likelihood of dementia

women taking dance class

Dance Helps Adults Overcome Parkinson's Symptoms

People with movement disorders harness the power of music to connect, move with others

couple hiking on rural hillside

5 Myths About Brain Health and Aging

From pills to puzzles, the Global Council on Brain Health separates fact from fiction

older woman sitting by window with eyes closed

Loneliness During Pandemic Can Lead to Memory Loss

Experts say some isolated older adults are exhibiting signs of dementia

Women and the Brain

caregiver and senior women with tablet

Dementia's Gender Disparity: The Challenges Facing Women

Report provides tips on how to reduce dementia risks and ease the caregiving burden

A female scientist in a laboratory studying the brain

What's Behind Women's Increased Risk of Alzheimer's

Research shows how men's, women's brains may experience it differently

Mature woman looking sad near window

Changing the Conversation Around Women and Dementia

AARP supports programs that inform and engage women about their brain health

Hilary Swank and Blythe Danner smiling with their heads touching.

Hilary Swank, Blythe Danner Soar in Alzheimer's Film

Their landmark movie on caregiving is heartbreaking, inspiring, funny and true

Singer Roberta Flack poses for a portrait

Roberta Flack's Second Take on Debut Album 'First Take'

Singer talks about 50th anniversary release and music's impact on stroke recovery


Choir Helps Stroke Survivors Regain Their Voice

How Music Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

Music Improves Mood for Alzheimer's Patients


doctor leans over and talks to a patient in a hospital bed

Delirium: The Complication You've Never Heard Of

For older adults, this condition can hit hard during routine hospital stays

illustration of the human brain highlighted in gold against an all blue background

This Is What The Coronavirus Can Do to Your Brain

Doctors are seeing strokes, seizures, loss of smell, other neurological symptoms in virus patients

a technician looks at a monitor screen of brain scans and an m r i instrument panel

This Is What a Having a Stroke Feels Like

Survivors' stories shed light on their warning signs, symptoms and what to do


doctor sanjay gupta standing outdoors with arms crossed looking thoughtful

Sanjay Gupta’s Prescription for Brain Health

Medical reporter says lifestyle changes are the key to people's resilience

Shot of a senior woman suffering from stress at home

Take Care of Your Mental Health During The Pandemic

New problems may arise as the coronavirus crisis continues to progress

African American woman sits cross-legged on a bed and meditates

Are You Ready to Give Meditation a Try?

A beginner's guide to quieting the mind in a time of great stress

Ginkgo capsules

Supplements for Brain Health Panned in New Report

AARP collaborative council finds little value — but lots of expense — in would-be memory boosters

Berries in boxes

The Top 5 Superfoods That Can Feed Your Brain

Memory-boosting nutrients that you could easily work into your diet

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