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Who Needs Salt?

With these low-sodium recipes, you can make flavorful foods with little or none.

Using seasonal produce and buying fresh fish, meat and poultry are among the best ways to control salt in your diet. Yes, packaged, canned and frozen foods might be more convenient. But often hiding within them are high levels of sodium.

If you're on a salt-free diet, you can find a range of low-sodium products, ranging from chicken broth to soy sauce, in your neighborhood supermarket. But the best trick of all — experiment with aromatic herbs and spices instead of salt. The result will be delicious dishes with big flavor and you won't miss a thing.

Try some of these recipes to get you started. Some of them call for small amounts of salt, but many are flavorful enough to be great with none at all.

Lemon juice, parsley, black pepper and chives bring big flavor to this easy and inexpensive side dish.

Potato Salad
Dijon-style mustard, scallions and black pepper are already in the pantry for this simple and delicious all-American salad.

Avocado and Beet Salad With Citrus Vinaigrette
Chervil, shallots, citrus juices, vinegar and pepper are the star ingredients in this delicious salad.

Sage and Onion Chicken With Cranberry Rice
Sage, garlic, onions, orange and peppercorns provide a big punch of flavor in this comforting dish.

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry With Shrimp
The delicious flavors of curry, ginger, lime and coconut will have you reaching for a second helping.

Mushroom and Chickpea Stew With Roasted Red Pepper Coulis
This divine stew is rich with the aromas of fresh basil, cumin, fennel, garlic and turmeric.

Salmon with Mangos and Dried Cherries
Tart cherries and sweet mango provide the ultimate complement to salmon.

Brown Rice Chili
Chili peppers, oregano, garlic and cilantro pack spicy flavor into each bite. Add or subtract chilies based upon your own preference.

Fettuccine Alfredo
This version of Alfredo sauce reduces salt as well as the fat with the inclusion of low-sodium chicken broth and yogurt.

Thai Basil and Lime Kamikaze
Try this refreshing cocktail featuring basil and lime on a hot summer day.