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Low-Cost Makeup That Beats Luxury Brands

Top-notch products that don't break the bank

An assortment of makeup products on display in a cosmetics store

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En español | Have you ever wondered if your $11 Maybelline mascara is as good as that $25 Lancôme version? Well, guess what? Parent company L'Oréal Paris owns both brands, and since they share research, you know you're getting the same quality ingredients, design and up-to-the-minute technology when you go with the low-cost option. Yes, some glossy high-end makeups in their fabulous packaging are owned by the same companies that produce the low-cost makeups sold in drugstores. The truth is, not only do some inexpensive makeups compare with the luxury stuff, they sometimes surpass it. Here's where to save with the best makeup bargains for women 50-plus.