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10 Beauty Tips for Going Greener and Cleaner

Add organic and natural products to your makeup and skin-care regimen

A woman wearing headphones while she is running on a beach and another woman at a farmer's market looking at produce

Cavan Images/Getty Images; Peathegee Inc/Getty Images

En español | Lots of women 50-plus have made a healthy lifestyle U-turn. For starters, we are eating better, switching to organic produce and checking food labels before we buy. We're exercising more and trying to mindfully de-stress with yoga or meditation. We're concerned about protecting the environment and the planet in general. If that's you, the “green and clean beauty” trend is probably next on your get-into list for 2020. Do your homework before you jump in, since the whole category is a little fuzzy and confusing to navigate. Here are 10 tips to help you green your routine.