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5 Ways to Update His Style for 2018

Wardrobe tweaks that will make him look and feel more current

Smiling mature man in a chambray shirt


It's out with the old and in with the new.

En español  |  Yes, you can love someone to the moon and not love the way they dress. But before you haul out the trash bags and call Goodwill, know that most mature men don't analyze their outfits in the mirror like we do. They just pull on clothes without a thought to trends, style or fit. So how are you going to make over a guy who happily belts baggy ancient Levis below his prominent belly or wears a boxy blazer from 1984 with pleated stiff chinos? It takes tact, strategy and the kind of wily negotiating you use with contractors and car dealers. Here is the sneaky woman's guide to tweaking his wardrobe for 2018.

And one final suggestion...

Make closet clean-out day a joint effort. Weed out together and donate the unwanted stuff to those in need. Present it as a feel-good way to start the year. Toss anything "meh" or too small, tight, baggy, boxy, worn, stained or just plain out of date. Purge ratty underwear and socks, bulky white lace-up sneakers (OK on millennials, not us), clunky square-toe shoes, college sweatshirts, ill-fitting old suits (even "designer" label ones), wide ties, dad jeans (aka mom jeans). Leave his coveted collection of cowboy boots or baseball caps alone. Post pics of the new stylish him often on Facebook. He'll adore the attention.