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Let These Women Inspire You

Beauty matters — even at age 100-plus

Feel Beautiful at 100


Feel beautiful at 100.

The inspiring women in Allure's ageless beauties video have laughed, lived and loved for more than 100 years — and listening to them talk, it's clear they have dressed to thrill for at least 75 of them. They're not giving up on vanity anytime soon, as their beauty tips and witty one-liners prove, and neither should we.

These ladies know that lipstick is the secret of life, and they still swipe it on with a twinkle in their eyes and a dazzling smile. They've all grown up without growing "old," whether their hair is dyed, white or bewigged — and they dance to their own beat. I wouldn't be surprised to find a pair of Beats by Dre headphones next to their baby oil and brow pencil.

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We women of a certain age can learn a lot from these women of a centenarian age. My favorite of their takeaway lessons:

  • Smooth your face cream up, not down.
  • Don't tan, wear tan.
  • Don't feel dressed until the lipstick is on.
  • Get your hair done.

But there are other lessons in these interviews, too. Among them:

Wrinkles are just our version of "tattoos." Expression lines, crinkles, and creases are not the bad guys we make them out to be. They show our history. These buoyant women say good skin care is essential. And let's face it, it's just plain smart at any age. Find a routine that works for you — even if it's to wash with sudsy water and use baby oil as moisturizer — and enjoy the velvety afterglow. (But do yourself a favor and see a dermatologist for the serious stuff, and get a full-body check each year, too.)

Love yourself up. Look in the mirror and find something to feel great about today — and every day. Wear that baby-blue sweater again — the one that gets you compliments. Spritz on your signature fragrance. Scent is where memories linger and how others think of you. Give those still- expressive hands a manicure, and make it a sassy, sexy color!

Know that true beauty is ageless. Trying to look young 24/7 is a waste of time and a dangerous disease that takes up too much space in our youth-oriented society. You don't need a wardrobe of trendy clothes or a couple of jabs of Botox. You just need the drive to keep your brain active and live a healthy lifestyle. Make new friends. Keep moving. Your body will pay you back in strength, flexibility and the ability to look good in your clothes. Pay attention to what you eat — and what you don't eat. It affects everything. (But agree on a once-a-week treat.) Enjoy your wisdom, experience and secrets. (All women with a past have them!) And celebrate your birthday by blowing out every one of those damn candles!

"Old" is not a dirty word.

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